Sunday, 14 February 2010

Spring Clean Saturday - sort of anyway!

Saturday morning Chez Arkle. Lovely bright sunny day but really cold outside. Shall we go to town? Err - what for? No - I'm going to tidy my kitchen cupboards, at least, tidy those that needed tidying.

I started with the 'Medicines' cupboard - I'm sure you've all got one. Full of out of date medication, dressings for that 'just-in-case' acccident that somebody may or may not ever have and meanwhile have a need for more space.

Before - just look at those top two shelves!

And after - repositioned the shelves to allow me to add the washing liquid as well - result!
Then there's this gem - the bottom shelf was the villian of this piece, too easy to just open the door and throw stuff in...

From this

To this - not a huge difference but managed to clear a load of old receipts
Then there's the drawer - we've all got one kitchen drawer for 'things that might come in handy one day' haven't we? How often do we remember that we put that 'thing that might come in handy' in the drawer?

Now for me this probably was the most satisfying...

Ta - dah!!

Then there's this one that actually started the process - it didn't occur to me to take photos until I had tidied this one but I thought I'd share the end result anyway!

My gorgeously clean and tidy cutlery drawer!

All in all a productive Saturday! What shall I tackle next???


  1. Great job Heather. I've been wanting to reorganize my cabinets, but I dread that job more than just about anything. Ugh! If you saw my pantry, you'd kick me in the pants and tell me to get a move on! Kathy

  2. What should you tackle next - well there is a dreadfully un-tidy flat I know of in London! lol


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