Saturday, 27 February 2010

The Reveal

Yes finally I am able to reveal to you all the results of the first crochet project!

This little photo option was from Windows Live Writer – I think I like it!

I found the original pattern for the squares here and I stayed true to the basic pattern all the way through, Posy recommended joining the squares as you went along but I chose not to – I think it made it easier to spread the colours by laying all the squares out at the end. I think next time I use this pattern, I wont put the chain space in the final round between the four double crochets – that made the squares a little bumpy around the edge. Oh – better just say that the pattern is in the American style so any UK hookers out there need to remember that and substitute accordingly! I joined the squares together with a double crochet so have ridges on the front of the blanket – I think next time I’ll try just a slip stitch with the hook or even a ladder stitch with a sewing needle.

Just one more thing – the next person who ask me what I’m going to do with my finished articles may end up wearing one!!

Note to the friend that I call Julie: – almost a crafty blog, eh!!


  1. Very pretty - I tried crochet years ago but never got the hang of

  2. I don't know much about crochet, but I do know enough to appreciate the beauty of these squares! I love it!

  3. just checking out your blog - I've arrived from curious to find the review.


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