Wednesday, 10 February 2010

D is for ...

...dancing! When I was about ten years old, my Mum thought it would 'do me good' to learn to dance. Quite what she had in mind I'm not sure. I was a shy child (yep – I know, hard to believe) and I think she thought it would bring me out of myself.

I can remember going along to the exotically named Maple Leaf Dance Studio in my hometown with a friend called Jackie. There we would stand awkwardly and watch all these older girls (and, shock horror, boys!) gliding around the dance floor to a waltz and bouncing around with a cha, cha cha. Slowly we found the confidence to join in and attempt to acquire the skills displayed by the others. My abiding memory to this day is standing in front of a huge mirror, arms out at right angles trying to keep my head up and not look at the floor. I also remember vividly the teacher, whose name was Linda. She was orange. Well, not literally orange but she wore so much tan coloured make-up you could have scraped it off with your finger nails!

Ahhh those were the days. I eventually managed to reach the standard to take exams to achieve bronze and silver medals. These days the closest I come to dancing is the TV. I love Strictly Come Dancing (Dancing With The Stars across the pond) and find myself transported back to the 1970s really wishing I could pluck up the courage to try it again – who knows, maybe one day...

After dancing on a Saturday morning I used to meet up with my Granddad. He used to take me to a cafe which, even back then, was very old fashioned. He would treat me to an ice cream soda – I can still taste it today!

You know this Alhabe-Thursday is really making me think – I'm already thinking about next week, what the hell can I come with for E??? Ahhh – an idea is forming as I look back over this one!

Thanks for reading – I'll do my best to visit all of the others by the weekend!


  1. What a fun post Heather. Mom made Sis and I take tap and jazz lessons from the lady down the street who had a dance studio. I hated it at the time, but to this day I know what "kick, ball, change" means lol. I'm trying to come up with E already myself. The only one I really have planned in advance is Q - go figure. Hope you are having a great week. Kathy

  2. Heather,
    I used to take lessons too at Billington's Ballroom, I did love those strappy silver shoes with a low heel. They looked great with my white ankle socks!
    Nobody puts Baby in the corner!!

  3. I did ballet on a Saturday morning for a while in a funny old church hall in Brentwood.

  4. I enjoyed reading your post about dancing class. Like you I'm wondering what I'll do next week for the letter E.

  5. What a fun memory, thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. What a fun memory. I love this waltz down memory lane with you. Do it! Don't they have dance studios there where you can take a free dance lesson? Arthur Murray across the pond this way! At my Dad's party I had a dance instructor and it was so fun...loved it! Do it! Can't wait to hear about you giving it a go again!

    The memory of your Grandfather was so lovely.

    D elightful D post!


  7. Dancing lessons are so much fun, and great exercise too. I remember taking ballet as a little girl. And then more ballet and tap in college. My sister still takes dancing lessons and she loves tango best.

  8. Sounds like you took ballroom dancing. How neat. I have a couple of friends, husband and wife, took ballroom dancing before their daughters wedding. How lucky you were you learned when you were young.

  9. What a wonderful post ... i love dancing ... well, watching talented people dance is more or less what i mean. I love your remembrance of ice cream sodas with your Grandad!

  10. That brought back memories for me of dancing with pimply faced boys with sweaty hands and not enjoying it very much.

    I do love "Dancing With the Stars"

  11. Your story reminded me of my own dancing lessons many years ago. My instructors weren't so heavily made up, but they were all definitely characters!

  12. Hello my friend, I gave you an award

  13. I thought it was very funny how you remembered your teacher being 'orange'. LOL

  14. so fantastic that your mom got you to love dancing :D

  15. I love to dance but no lessons though!!!!!melinda


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