Thursday, 18 February 2010

E is for ...

...ELLEN!!! Last week when I pontificated at the end of my D post, I found a message on my Facebook page which read 'refering to your random ramblings page - well, I'm not gonna lie and say I'm not insulted that you can't think of anything for the letter E ;) xx

The message was from my gorgeous goddaughter, Ellen. I half had it in mind for this post to be about her but wasn't really sure how she would feel about it. Then I figured with all the social networking that's out there now, she probably wouldn't mind – especially after her comment above!

So Ellen, where shall I begin? I first met her nearly 17 years ago when she was just a few hours old. A tiny bundle of new born joy and, of course in my eyes absolutely gorgeous. I wasn't biased then because I didn't know she would be my goddaughter at that time. She was the new born daughter of the friend that I call Julie and at that time we lived opposite one another.

Within a few weeks Julie asked me to be Ellen's godmother – I was so pleased and happy to say yes. Over the coming months and years Ellen and I became close forming that bond that meant that I would be cooler than her Mum and get away with saying things to her and persuading her to do things that her Mum wanted her to do. I remember when all of the children had chickenpox within few weeks of each other, Ellen was still tiny but had probably the worst spots of all of the children – she has a 'special' mark on her face to remind us all.

Fast forward a few years to this world of e-living and social networking, when I find myself having conversations with both Ellen and Julie but rarely together. Both are my Facebook friends but are not Facebook friends with each other. I use my godmotherly diplomacy to its full advantage and Ellen is smart enough to realise that – she can tell the hand of her mother working through another!

Ellen is a very talented young lady, she sings and acts, is a great cook (according to her mother – I'm still waiting to try her cooking) and I am very proud to be her godmother. I look forward to watching as she goes through that next phases of her life into adulthood. Oh dear – I'm starting to feel a little emotional as I write this, best pull myself together before I spoil the keyboard!

I have some lovely pictures of Ellen as a cute blonde haired little girl but typically can't find one to scan in to embarrass her with – instead I've stolen a more recent photo from Facebook – hope she doesn't mind!

Love you loads Ellen – keep on being you and you'll go far mwah mwah!!


  1. She looks like a cutie - full of spirit and fun! It's so much fun to be the cool Auntie or Godmother. Most of the joy with not too much of the bad stuff! Great choice for E. Kathy

  2. very sweet tribute to your ellen :D

  3. Ellen is so blessed to have you in her life! We must make those connections with younger folks so they will know how cool we "mature" folks are!!!

  4. She looks beautiful. It's neat that you have such a close relationship with her and her mom.

  5. How lucky to have such a wonderful child/adult in your life ...

  6. Awwww....such a sweet post for someone obviously E xcellent and E ndearing and quite possibly E legant.

    Darn, it's late.

    And I cannot think of any E words.

    Mrs. Matlock must go to bed now.

    But before she does she will leave you an A+ grade!

  7. How Extremely Sweet and Eloquent are your words for Ellen!

  8. she sounds like a doll and I am glad that she reminded you that E is for Ellen....

  9. what a sweet tribute to your goddaughter, she sounds like a sweet girl

    my alphabe-thursday is here:

  10. What lovely comments, I hardly recognise my own daughter!

  11. What a lovely tribute to your goddaughter.
    I am a godmother too. And I am very glad that I am. It is nice to be able to follow a child's development without the full burden of responsibility. At the right distance. I learned alot that has helped me when I finally became a mother. And if that had not happened, then I would at least not have been without real contact with children in my life.
    I feel blessed.
    Thank you for visitng my post!
    (E is for earrings)
    Please read my "sequel" at"
    (when you get the time.)

  12. What a cutie! I've a goddaughter. Such a special relationship! Great post!


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