Saturday, 21 November 2009

Acting up

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I've started the build up to my 'acting up' period at work – no, silly, I don't mean a period of having mad tantrums and generally misbehaving (although it may well come to that!)

As I'm writing this I am not sure whether or not I will hit the publish button, but I'm going to continue anyway.

As I've mentioned before, my boss is leaving and that momentous day is now only 10 working days away and for five of those days she is on annual leave. So it's up to me to now start assuming the mantle, we're making joint decisions and sharing the responsibilities for day to day stuff. She has a wealth of experience within our service having worked professionally in health all of her working life, which, compared to my mere eight years, is quite a feat. She always seems to know the right answer, to make the right decision, to use the right words – she has a real presence. I on the other hand feel technically competent – by that I mean I can manage the targets, manage the budgets, think on my feet to get things done now, I think can motivate the team, I can empower others – but I still have this little niggle of doubt that I am competent enough to deliver the whole package.

This is by far the highest level that I have ever worked at in my whole life. I have a milestone birthday coming up (which doesn't take a genius to calculate given the ages of my offspring) and that alone scares me. I could hopefully retire in 10 years time if my occupational pension will pay sufficient and I am starting to doubt my sanity in even agreeing to act up.

Regardless of all of the above I have agreed to do the job so I need to make a go of it. The interviews for a replacement were held yesterday and from what I've heard, boy, I'm so glad I didn't apply. There were some really tough questions and presentation requirements as befits the level of job.

I don't know how often I'll blog for the next few months (although it may only be a matter of weeks if they appointed yesterday, information that I am not privy to) but I might, at times, need to pour my soul into cyberspace just to get things off of my chest – remember my theory, I only write this for myself and the friend that I call Julie, so if you're reading this and you're not Julie please bear with me!

So, as I sit on Saturday morning, 21 November 2009, all snug in my pink pyjamas (albeit with icy cold feet – still no slippers) I'm ready for it. I have a feeling of anticipation, expectation and dread. I have an incredibly full diary for the next two months thanks to the lovely V (it's that time of year when all of the fixed meeting dates are issued!) who has agreed to take on half of my role for the period – the other half will be covered by the equally lovely I.

Thanks for reading – if you have – I really appreciate everybody's visits.


  1. Although I haven't known you for very long I have no doubt that you will cope and that you will gain a huge amount from the experience. You have the advantage of it not being for ever. Although it is a big responsibility you don't have to live up to the expectations there would have been if they'd given you the job on a permanent basis. At our age it is very reassuring that we still have a few brain cells capable of learning new tricks, look at it as an opportunitystay calm and you might even enjoy it - and don't forget that I am always happy to be a substitute shoulder/ear

  2. Good luck to you Sparkle. I hope you can find the time to enjoy the experience and that your days on the floor kicking and screaming are few and far between (but there will be some. I love the little cartoon, what a great find, so apt.

  3. Good luck! I know you'll do well, and I think you might surprise yourself and enjoy it. Good for you for agreeing to step up to the plate and help out. I need some employees like that - feel like working in an animal hospital in Texas lol. Hope you still pop in from time to time, it's good to be able to vent now and again. And I too love the animation of the little girl - it's adorable. Have a wonderful weekend. Kathy

  4. Good Luck with this.. I'm sure you will do very well.

    Keep us up to date with how it all goes :)


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