Sunday, 15 November 2009

Sunday Stealing – The Over The Top Meme

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Back to reality! This week's Sunday Stealing is an interesting one. I'm starting to have de ja vue with some of these questions as they appear in other forms quite regularly, anyway here goes with this week's meme:

Part One - Describe:

Your hair? Naturally mousey brown with a very slight sprinkle of grey – enhanced with a touch of red!

Your mother? Died about 19 years ago

Your father? Died about 2 years ago

Your favorite food? Depends on my mood! I love anything cooked by somebody else – even if it's just a takeaway!

Your dream last night? Weird – but can't remember the content

Your favorite drink? Cup of Earl Grey tea – easily pleased!

Your dream/goal? Health, wealth and happiness!

The room are you in? Living room.

Your hobby? Errr – blogging! Anything to do with the internet, reading when I have the time to devote to it and crochet when I can keep my eyes open for long enough!

Your fear? Failure – professionally in the coming months!

Your TV? Does this mean what you watch – if so anything that isn't too taxing!

Your Pets? None at the moment although we have had cats in the past.

Friends? Several, all important

Your life? Pretty good, thank you!

Your mood? Also pretty good! Full of optimism at the moment as my son prepares to buy his first home.

If you're missing someone? No one springing to mind.

Your best friend? I could echo the previous BFF answer but instead will say as new friends are made daily, all are equally important.

Part Two - The Where's?

Where do you want to be in 6 years? Can't think that far ahead!

Where were you last night? At home

Where did you grow up? Borehamwood, Hertfordshire in the UK

One place that I go to over and over? Work!!!

Your favorite place to eat out? Have several but probably anything pasta and Arlingtons.

Wish list items? Nothing really – oh apart from a new boss as good as the one that's leaving!

Last time you laughed? Probably yesterday but nothing obvious is coming to mind!

Last time you cried? I really can't remember.

Part Three - The What's?

Something that you aren't? Warm – my feet are freezing!

Last thing you did? Made a cup of tea and took it upstairs to John.

What are you wearing? Night shirt and dressing gown!

Something you're not wearing? Slippers or socks – hence the cold feet!!

Your favorite store
? Don't really have one – if you asked my bank account it would probably be Sainsburys (supermarket) as that's where most of my money goes!!


  1. I love Earl Grey tea as well and my bank statement is the same, Sainsburys Sainsburys... We keep them in business!

  2. Ya, me too. We must learn to stay out of those grocery stores! At least I try. But, hey....gotta love feeding me. LOLOL

    Here's the LINK to MY Sunday Stealing.

  3. It's always funny when they ask a bunch of bloggers what their hobby is.

    Join us for Monday Mayhem!

  4. But on your slippers woman.

    Hey, how do you do that live traffic feed thingee?

  5. Hi Easternsparkle-

    I want to thank you for playing Sunday Stealing. We are excited to announce our new Friday meme, The Dating Profiles Meme, and I'm inviting you to give it a shot. Every Friday we will find 10 of the strangest, lamest profile quotes from sites like or Yahoo Personals. We will choose gender neutral statements. This meme will ask you to give an honest reply or quip to the statement. Married or single, we know you'll enjoy it!

    And whether you join us this Friday or not, thanks for playing with us Sundays.



  6. Please join us for The Queen's Meme on Tuesday. Hope to see you there! #14 ~ Do You Believe In Magic?

    Mimi Queen of Memes


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