Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday Stealing – The Alpha Meme

Sunday sure comes round quickly and with it the weekly meme from Sunday Stealing, I took a look at this weeks and I thought 'Nah, can't be a***d' but then I thought 'I've started something now so really shouldn't duck out when I don't like the questions'. So here goes:

My roommate and I once: See last week's meme, I've never had a roommate so can't answer this one (see what I mean?)

Never in my life have I: Played hooky, not from school or work. I've always been frightened of being caught out, even now if I am away from work sick I will not leave the house!

High School was: Defining! I had such grand plans and for what? Left school at 16 and worked virtually ever since, apart for a couple of years when the boys were young. Still I suppose I haven't done too bad considering.

When I'm nervous I: go to the loo a lot! (What else would you expect???) Oh and I get a dry mouth (does that sound better?)

My hair: Is probably longer than it has ever been, last time I went to the hairdresser I wanted it long enough to put up when we were on the ship to stop the wind blowing though, so I had barely nothing cut off – this time next week, however, it will be shorter (but not a lot)

When I was 5: was a long time ago, I can vaguely remember being at school and walking through deep snow to get there.

When I turn my head left: I see the other end of the sofa where John will probably sit for most of today reading the Sunday paper (he's not there just yet though!)

I should be: doing something other than this stupid meme, like tidying my bedroom (note to Julie – no I didn't get it done yesterday!)

By this time next year: mmmm, we'll all be another year older?

My favourite aunt is: all of them! (that's an unfair question memer)

I have a hard time understanding: lots of things! Why people insisting on trying to fix things that ain't broken, I'm all for progress but sometimes it's not needed!

You know I like you if: I'm not always polite to you!

My ideal breakfast is: cereal with ice cold skimmed milk, really refreshing

If you visit my home town: now, does this mean my current home town or my original? If it's the current one you'd find an area outside the football club that is currently a shrine to Sir Bobby Robson(details here), who died on Friday. If it's the original you will find the home of Eastenders TV series!

If you spend the night at my house: be warned you will probably be woken up earlier than you would like!

The animal I would like to see flying besides birds: errr – an elephant? (I did warn you I didn't like these questions)

I shouldn't have been: sorry – really don't think I have even a stupid answer for this one!

Last night I: went to a wedding reception!

A better name for me would be: MUG – that's what I seem to have invisibly (to me) written across my forehead!

I've been told I look like: err – nobody!

If I could have any car it would be: I'm a simple girl when it comes to cars, but I suppose a nice little sporty number would be OK!


See, I told you I nearly didn't do it! Can you see why?

Hope some of the answers brought a smile to your face – thanks for reading it anyway! Happy Sunday

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