Sunday, 2 August 2009

Sunday Stuff

An interesting day today! Apart from being woken up obscenely early by a neighbour this morning, today has been good.

As you can see below I dutifully started the day with Sunday Stealing's weekly meme – by the time I was half way through I was beginning to wonder why I'd started but quitting is not in my nature. (And no – the bedroom still isn't done, but as Julie has already grounded me and stopped my pocket money, there's not a lot of incentive to do it now!)

We had a blast from the past via Facebook this morning, somebody that John worked with nearly 30 years ago made contact with me and in turn I put them on to him. He appeared to be quite excited – even managing a little instant messaging at one stage! Of course as he was sitting Facebook –ing he wasn't exactly in a position to criticise me for blogging, tweeting and generally surfing! The first half of the morning just slipped past even though the ironing board stood poised with the iron on its holder, a quick trip to the supermarket and back to do the ironing.

A few weeks ago I came across BookCrossing and sort of parked the idea at the back of my mind while I planned the holiday, intending to do something when I came home. Well today I registered on the site in preparation for my first book cross. Not knowing anybody else who does this I sought out advice from the Twitter community – I had five or six replies from people I don't know (even via Twitter) encouraging me to make a start. Watch this space and I will let you know how I get on! The problem is though that I seldom read a book these days unless I'm on holiday – too busy blogging!

John and I took the opportunity to pay our respects to Sir Bobby Robson today by visiting the shrine that has appeared in Portman Road outside the football club. I think it would take a very hard hearted person not to have been moved. To my international readers, Sir Bobby was the manager of Ipswich Town Football Club from 1969 – to 1982, arguably the best period in the club's history. He also managed the English national team and is regarded as a national treasure.

I treated the ironing board to some new wadding – wow, what an interesting life I lead! John kindly cut it to size for me and I made sure it was worth it, oh my what a lovely smooth ironing session I had!

Better stop now, dinner needs to be cooked number two son and GF have just arrived so I'd better show willing!

Thanks to all of you who have passed by today – it's been fun!

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  1. Great post - respects to Sir Bobby; we had a minutes silence at the game on Friday night.


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