Thursday, 20 August 2009

Just a quick post

I have had a tough few days work-wise this week, I've had to deal with a very unpleasant situation which still isn't resolved and seems to have evolved daily. I don't think any management course would have prepared me for this one and I'm really hoping for some divine intervention from somewhere. At the moment I have one very unhappy member of staff who feels that her world is falling around her ears and however hard she steels herself against it there's no protection.

I hate conflict - life is far too short and at the end of the day, work is work and shouldn't rule your life. Perhaps I'll have some inspiration during tonight's sleepless spell. Heaven knows I need something!


  1. Ugh, good luck! I have a difficult time with conflict also.

  2. You CAN get the answer when you sleep! Relax by deep breathing! Yes, you can! And ask God for the answer upon waking in the morning! Don't dwell on it. Just let go and let God. Sounds simplistic, I know! But it works!


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