Monday, 24 August 2009

Challenge – Pass!!

Yay – I passed last week's challenge – with bells on! Well, when I say passed I achieved 80% which in terms of most exams is a good pass rate. I confess that I didn't walk home on Thursday evening because I needed to go shopping first and that is far too far to walk – in either direction – at the end of a day. Not only did I achieve the 80% pass on walking but I also kept on top of the ironing for the whole week which was brilliant. Another confession. One night I made such a noise about putting the ironing board up, John's conscience kicked in and he took his turn – but the net result was the same, right – the ironing was done! Oh – and I read most evenings before I fell asleep. All in all I consider that a good pass. So what about this week?

I've been taking my inspiration from If You Give a Mom a Moment which is Erin's blog. She calls her challenge FJ1W – For Just One Week. This week she has gone to a whole new dimension and is now calling the challenge FJ1SS – For Just One Stinking Semester. She's going to become a fitness junkie – sorry but I can't follow that! So what am I going to do? Building on last week I'm still going to do the walking, the ironing (or something similar) and the reading and I'm planning to add *fanfare* socialising! I'm going to make a real effort to catch up on all those phone calls that are long overdue. I've become far too reliant on email and Facebook over recent months so it's time to go back to the good old fashioned phone call – beware you have been warned if your number's in my phone book – oh, and if I don't get around to calling you, please don't take it personally – I'll have run out of time! This is actually going to be quite some challenge, given my limited capacity for staying awake during the evening.

OK – who's going to be first on my list.......

Who remembers when phones really looked like this?

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  1. A fitness junkie? I think my heart skipped a beat when I read that. I wish I liked exercise, even a tiny little bit. Yikes!

    Good luck on your goal this week. Are you making some phone calls? Reconnecting with friends? Good luck!


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