Saturday, 29 August 2009

I’ve been so very lazy this week...

...I hope you can forgive me for not posting anything original since Monday – no excuses, not been particularly busy, I guess just not felt very creative!

It was my darling husband's birthday on Wednesday – what do you buy for the man who has everything but never uses any of it? I had no idea, couldn't think of anything original – he particularly said, in a totally unsubtle way 'tell the boys not to buy me books this year'! OK, no help there then. I had the bright idea of Ticket Master gift cards – I promise that I did attempt to find tickets for a show in London but after about 5 hours minutes, I gave up – just seemed so darn complicated. I really wanted to get tickets for Hairspray – but would he want that? I couldn't find a Saturday that didn't clash with football (I know, you have to question my priorities here)so I thought, yep it's voucher time! John actually seemed quite pleased – oh, and I also added a voucher for Pizza Express so we could eat as well!!

We had a day off yesterday so John decided to look for his show. He thought he'd stay local and opt for Jools Holland at the Ipswich Regent. A nice local venue, five minutes or so down the road, easy(ish) to park or get one of the boys to chauffeur for the night. The only problem was we could only have seats in row V – up against the wall, not a good option, especially when he thought he'd compare the tickets with another ticket site and could get better tickets, five rows forward and in the middle! Scrap that idea. 'Was there something in particular that you had in mind?' he asked me. Golden Opportunity. 'Well.....I had thought about Hairspray' hurriedly followed by 'but they're your tickets – you choose!'

Result – 3rd October – Hairspray tickets available (I was already feeling 'the motion of the ocean') problem – you need a security code on the card to book on line. We have no code on the back of the card. But you can book by phone! Or not – the next thing I hear is him yelling, yes yelling, at an automated telephone service that couldn't even hear him! Meanwhile, I'm thinking I'll make the most of this and find a hotel for the night – maybe make a weekend of it! Net result – no show booked, no hotel booked, no plans made! I'll have a go at speaking with the nice automated telephone lady to see if I can book tickets, if not well – who knows!


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