Friday, 14 August 2009

What would you think...

...if you had a day off and went back to work to find that a new person had started and had been given your desk? And your computer. And your phone. And when you ask how you're supposed to work, your boss says 'jump on somebody else's PC when they go out?'

As a manager I was horrified when number 2 son came home last night and told me what had happened - it just beggars belief that any manager could put their staff in this position, whilst still expecting them to function fully. He has ended up sitting at a table with no computer (they realised at the end of the day yesterday that they would need to order one - doh!) and a phone that wasn't connected into the system - therefore no sales opportunities.

My heart bled for him last night, he seemed so vulnerable and bereft and for once actually seemed to want our advice - progress perhaps. Of course our advice wasn't what he wanted to hear because it was that he should talk to his boss to tell him how he felt - apparently not an option as they have an open plan office and everybody else would hear. Personally I would have just said it but then that's me - fly off the handle, get it off my chest and move on. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) he is more circumspect in his moods, preferring to brood for several days rather than confront the issue head on.

He's just come home tonight having not addressed the issue but is happier in himself, thankfully. All of my fears for this job seem to be coming true, I can only hope that the branch manager realises what he's done and how insensitive he has been, however I feel that may be a hope too far.

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