Saturday, 8 August 2009

New friendships

Started today on the wrong foot! I had my regular hair appointment this morning – something that John had kindly written on the calendar for me. I'd got in my mind that my appointment was 11 o'clock but the calendar said 9 – so off I went, the lovely Angela looked surprised to see me – so early! Yes – my hunch was right, my appointment was at 11! Fortunately I only live a five minute walk away so I trundled back home, gave John a ticking off (of course) and proceeded to get on with some housework (clothes now in loft and bedroom hovered – hurray)before returning back to the hairdressers.

You see, I had reason for wanting today to be just right. Earlier in the week I arranged with my virtual friend Janet to meet up, for the first time, for lunch. This is where the doubt about the hair appointment timing had first come to my mind, but I digress. Janet and I became friends on Twitter earlier on in the year through a case of mistaken identity and have built up a friendship through cyberspace in the meantime. We live only a couple of miles apart and have discovered similar traits as we have discussed many things on Facebook and Twitter.

I know that Janet won't mind me saying that both our husbands had expressed their worries about us meeting – I think that they were worried that one or other of would hit the other over the head with a blunt object and bundle them into the boot of a car!! Obviously this did not happen – trust me Janet survived and will be reading this at some time!!

We arranged to meet at Arlingtons at 1pm for lunch – the original plan was for coffee but two hours later it was just as well we'd changed our mind and had lunch! We chatted away about our life stories and other halves and I think I speak for both of us when I see departed as real life friends – no longer virtual.

We left each other with a hug and vowing to meet again soon – before we introduce the husbands to each other!!!

A quick trip to Lakeland to buy a new mop for the laminate floor - John destroyed the other one – and it was home to recount my adventure!

The day was well and truly crowned by the result for the Norwich City/Colchester United game (1-7!!!!!!) - apologies to those of you who don't appreciate the intricacies of football and the rivalries between Ipswich and Norwich, but even though poor Norwich no longer play in the same league as us, we still have to celebrate when results go against them!

Looking forward to tomorrow – first up the meme from Sunday Stealing and then my beloved Ipswich town are on the TV at lunchtime playing at Coventry – sorry to go all blokey but bring it on!!


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