Monday, 27 July 2009

Mmmm Monday

Well, first day back has been and gone - I'd like to say in a flash but I'd be lying. 270 plus emails - not too bad considering I've been off for nearly three weeks - later and I have a fair idea of what's been going on while I was away.

I realised last night that I haven't told you about number 2 son and his new job. He started last week and I don't think the poor boy has ever been so tired in his life, what with his house and dog sitting responsibilities and the new job. The truth is he really does not do getting up early and, for the last week he has had to do just that to take Ollie (chocolate lab) for a walk before he went to work. He then had to drive home to get a lift in to work (too expensive to park in the town centre everyday) for 8.30 and not leaving work until 6.30. Personally I think that's asking a bit much for the package they offered but, hey - keep quiet Mum, what do you know? Ollie then required an evening walk for an hour as well!

Anyway, by Saturday he was showing clients around houses on his own! Driving around town in his company logo'd BMW 2 series, dressed to the nines in his lovely suit - wow actually I'm very proud of him! I just hope that this isn't a false dawn for him.

He's coming back home tonight as the GF and family are home (I know he's really missed her) - he can have a lie-in until seven tomorrow, which in turn means bathroom congestion in our little one bathroom house, ah well you can't have everything!

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