Sunday, 26 July 2009

All Good Things...

...must come to an end. That is until the next good thing comes along! Back to work tomorrow, for some reason I always feel apprehensive, even at my grand old age, what if I've done something terribly wrong that's been discovered while I'm away? Until now that's been a hypothetical question – fingers crossed it remains that way!

I decided yesterday that I needed some retail therapy, OK I can hear you all thinking 'What, after that holiday?' Well, you see I was fed up, for various reasons, so I took myself off to town for no particular reason and then I discovered that the sales were on. I was very conservative and limited myself to three skirts, two tops, a pair of shoes and some underwear. While we were on holiday, John criticised my choice of footwear – I love flip-flops you see – constantly, so I bought myself a sensible pair of summery shoes for the next holiday (errmm, I haven't told you about that one yet, have I – check the countdown in my side bar!)

The problem I have is that I don't need any more clothes, I don't have room for any more clothes and I criticise John when he buys new shirts. I hid my purchases, to my shame I didn't confess until this morning to what I had bought. Do you want to guess the reaction I got? No, I thought not!

I had grand plans for today, my poor garden is in such a mess – why do weeds outgrow the plants? If anybody knows a nice little man (or lady) who could help me out...Needless to say after getting up late (for me) and sorting laundry and getting the odds and ends of shopping needed for the coming week, it was time for the Grand Prix, then football on Sky and the day was almost done, far too late to be productive – plus it was overcast and windy. Nothing for it then but to head off out for an end of holiday meal. We chose to go to the Black Tiles at Martlesham as a change from our normal pasta restaurants. Lovely pork & leek sausages and mash for me, John when for the gammon steak (and CHIPS) bang goes our diets and we were doing so well L.

Oh – just remembered something that I must tell you from the holiday. The cabaret one night was a tribute act for Celine Dion, a bit of a mixed bag with the vocals but I bet you can guess where I'm heading – yup, she finished her act with 'My Heart Will Go On' (theme for Titanic – geddit??) She was very ironic when she did the introduction but still....

Anyway, I'm all done for now - need to make my bed before I fall into it, why do I never learn and always leave it so late???

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