Sunday, 5 July 2009

Getting there – sort of...

After waking up at stupid o'clock yesterday morning and getting up not much later, the weekend has been quite productive. After a trip to the hairdresser for the magic stuff that turns my hair a different colour from the grey that peppers it, John and I went into town with number 2 son. Now this is a very rare occurrence and only happened because he had an ulterior motive – needing new clothes for the new job (I don't think I actually ever said that he had decided to take it, it wasn't the best deal in the end but his view is that if he doesn't try it he will never know. Not a fantastic reward package so the bank of Mum & Dad have agreed a deal with him to get him through the next year, fingers crossed it doesn't take much more than that to get on the financial ladder). We had a very pleasant lunch and then progressed to Burtons for a suit and shirts. This was payback for all those times I had dragged him around the shops when he was younger. I sat on the very uncomfortable shoe-trying-on benches for over half an hour while he carefully selected a suit to try on – when he finally made his selection he looked every inch the young man about town. Then came the shirts – could it be that difficult, I mean the choice wasn't huge but it took another half an hour to choose five shirts, each one came with a tie which was handy, although why he needs five different ties is beyond me...

Moving on, with mission accomplished, we made our way home to the joy of washing all of the shirts so that they would be ready for when he starts work, John always insists on new shirts being washed before he wears them – something about getting the creases out, that's what I thought was the point of ironing!

Today dawned wet and a little cooler, I managed to waste I don't know how much time composing the post previous to this before getting my finger out and getting on with the things I needed to do – you know, ironing, washing, shopping for my own holiday. Number 2 son decided that he still had washing that he needed for his holiday! Two machine loads later, plus I don't know how much ironing he's ready to pack the clothes into the case that he brought downstairs first thing this morning and left in the middle of the front room floor – with clothes delicately piled all around it. For those of you who know him, this probably doesn't come as any surprise. As I write this he is only just packing – he leaves in about 6 hours and needs to pick his girlfriend up and try to get some sleep before they leave, he doesn't change.

We are going to have a disrupted night tonight, John is doing the airport run again, leaving at 2am this time, I think I'll say good bye before I go to bed tonight, I may just manage to sleep through their departure!

Only two days at work this week, leaving me Wednesday to get ready to go away on Thursday! I still need to sort my clothes out – might just make a start now...

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  1. Stupid o'clock - I love it! Good luck for your son and his new job!


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