Friday, 3 July 2009

A little Independence

Without meaning to state the painfully obvious, it's July 4th tomorrow, to my American friends I wish you a Happy Independence Day, to my British friends – you need to know that I say that through gritted teeth! My real life US friends know what I mean by that, my virtual friends, please don't take me seriously! Until I had great friends in the US, I never realised the true meaning of the date – I mean, they actually celebrate Independence from Great Britain! Last year we had the good fortune to be in the US on the 4th and what a great experience! The whole country unites as one under the flag – true patriotism. We went to a show in Branson, Missouri which told the story of Independence through song – we learnt a lot from that, not least that they all think the English speak like Dick van Dyke in Mary Poppins!

One thing that never fails to amaze us when were in the US is the way they treat their veterans and armed forces members, we could learn a lot from that here in the UK. I noticed last Saturday was Armed Forces Day – it came and went with the minimum of fuss and was mainly celebrated in one town – my question has to be why? (Sorry – a bit of a rant there)

Back to life a la Ramblings. Finally got a text yesterday from number 1 son – having a good time, really hot, going on a pirate ship to paradise island to swim with dolphins! Oh – and they've made friends already, how lovely! The modern day postcard without the view or the corny jokes!

Number 2 son had his last day at his old job today, no fanfare goodbye, no good lucks - I told him that he should learn from the experience when he becomes a manager and not treat people the way he's been treated, I'm sure he'll soon forget about them when he joins the glamorous world of the estate agents.

Busy weekend coming up, really missed number 1 son this week because he does loads around the house, never mind, martyred mother will carry on regardless. Promised to treat number 2 son to new work clothes so will go on a shopping spree tomorrow – I really hope the weather's OK, rain is promised and for those of you who know Ipswich you know that will mean a wet shopping trip – no malls around this way, mores the pity.

Counting down big time to the holiday now – suitcases down at the weekend, then we'll really know we're on our way and after the day I've had at work today it can't come soon enough.

Bye for now – thanks for calling!

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