Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Holiday minus one

I can't believe the day is finally here! We're packed and ready to go tomorrow heading off to Dover, via Colchester to pick up Linda & John. We're going in convoy as neither car is big enough for passengers and luggage! The ship sails at 4pm but we want to try to be among the first to board – the holiday starts the minute you get on board with the cocktail waiters on hand with gloriously coloured drinks to get you in the mood!
It's a real shame that the weather forecast is c**p! There's a huge ridge of low pressure right across the route – we're headed for Copenhagen first on Saturday after a day at sea. I have a feeling the day at sea may be a little inclement – bring on the Dramamine!

Slight change of subject, number 2 son got off safely on Monday morning, sent a text as soon as he arrived, phoned in the evening and phoned again this evening on the other hand not much communication from number 1 son much to his brother's disgust, how different they are at times like this.

OK – need to wrap up now, taking the laptop with me and will update when I can!

Bye for now!!!

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