Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Pre–Washington Post

Excuse my feeble attempt at humour with the title of this post – I’m tired and borderline really crabby!

Not much to tell this week, nothing overly creative – a quarter of the last quilt is now bound and I just need to finish the hand stitching on the back but the big news is that we’re off on holiday tomorrow! Yes – I know it’s only been a few months since the last one but that’s the reason I go to work, so that I have holidays to look forward to! This time we’re going to Washington DC, for no reason other than I just fancied going somewhere different. John has a pile of geo-caching lined up, most of which are virtual meaning I will have to go with him to take a photo to prove he was there and found it! On a serious note though I am looking forward to seeing the sights that I’ve only seen before on TV.

So tonight we were supposed to be having a family meal, just us and the boys ‘cos FDIL is away during the week at the moment. The best laid plans though mean that Son 2 can’t join us because he has picked up a stomach bug, I sent Son 1 round with Imodium and he reported back that he looks really rough, poor boy Sad smile. Anyway moving on, my mobile went a short while ago – it was FDIL, she often phones just for a chat which is always nice but tonight she phoned to say that she was coming home unexpectedly and could she come round as well – but don’t tell Son 1  ‘cos she wants to surprise him! Ain’t love grand!!

Meanwhile I’m starving and need to wait until later for dinner – we’re going to get a Chinese – otherwise Son 1 will wonder why I’m leaving food…….

I’m off now then, need to start thinking about what I’m going to pack – yeah, yeah I know last minute and all that but that’s how I roll. I may post while I’m away as John has agreed( Smile) that I can take lappy with me – only so that he can log his caches of course!


  1. Have a great holiday Heather - will you manage to visit any quilt shops???

  2. Have a lovely time, looking forward to photos, posts etc, then I can pretend I went too!


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