Sunday, 13 March 2011

A lovely day….

So here, in pictures, is my day yesterday…


A lovely view across the Cambridgeshire country side


My oh so patient darling husband (he made me say that!!)


View from the other side!

What’s that? Not what you were expecting? Oh sorry…


Beautiful Liberty Tana Lawn – my Mum worked at Liberty when she was a young woman and I still remember her being passionate about their fabrics. Personally I love pinks & purples of all shades.



This bundle may find itself made into something for a certain sceptical person – or it may not!



Just loved this kit  - I’ve opted for the simpler version!



These fat quarters were only £1 each – ideal for the little bags that I plan to make!



These too! More purples – I know somebody else who would like these…

I could have taken hundreds of photos yesterday but I was a little bit overawed with it all – plus I was confused because some stall holders had signs saying no photography, always wanting to do the right thing I left my camera in my bag!

Watch out for these to appear in years to come!!!


  1. Can't believe John is only holding TWO carrier bags of the rest in the boot of your car??? Love your Mr Darcy fabrics.....and that Monkey Buttons pattern is rather nice.....hmmm - I think another visit is looming Heather to inspect your purchases properly ;)

  2. Looks like you had a wonderful, relaxing day. We spent the day marching on the (state) Capitol, but the weather was gorgeous and I love any excuse to wander around the capitol grounds. Kat


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