Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Rainbow Orange



Short and sweet – literally! Here in the UK we have sweets called ‘Smarties’ I guess to compare them with anything stateside or elsewhere you would have to choose ‘M&Ms’.

Now, when my children were small I discovered that I loved the taste of orange Smarties, looking back I don’t think they tasted of orange but there was just something about them that made them different from the other colours. I confess that I used to tell the boys that the orange ones were bad for them and they couldn’t have them. Shame on me, hey? Did you ever do anything similar or am I the worst mother on the planet? Do tell!

Have a quick look to see what everybody else has come up with this week over at Mrs Matlock’s summer school!


  1. Mine entry is short too! I found it difficult> I love Smaries so you have made me very hungry!

  2. Oh me too! I always keep - oops - I mean kept - the orange ones to last. I'm sure they do have an orange taste to them.
    I think if I had been a mother I would have done the same! Coffee creams in boxes of chocolates are very bad for men you know

  3. Here "smarties" are little sugary wafer type candies in a roll. I used to scavenge Cait's halloween candy for them every year LOL.

  4. Orange isn't my favorite of any candy except those marshmallow peanuts. I had a hard time with this post since I don't have many orange favorites of any kind!

    At 65, I've done it! My poetry book - Life's Journey by Carmen Henesy - is out on Amazon!
    ( Poems about the things that have been important to me in my journey through life, some humorous, some sad, some that may have meaning to you as well )

  5. Great Photo! Can't think of a similar situation, but I'm still hooked up to the caffeine IV:)
    Happy Alphabe-Thursday!

  6. I have tried "Smarties". I don't always let my son have the lollipop they give us at the bank right away. Does that make me a bad mom?

  7. I used to love the red Smarties - looked like lipstick on my lips!

    Have a great Rainbow Orange day,


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can stop by.

  8. sweet one!

  9. Well I don't like orange popsicles so I told my kids they are the best and I would sacrifice and eat the red ones for them!

  10. we do have smarties, but they are sort of like sugar pills here. (My husband loves them, but I think they're nasty.)


  11. We have smarties here too - love 'em!

  12. I guess I'm a pretty bad mom. My kids know not to leave any candy around if they don't want to "share" it with me! I love the orange smarties next to the blue ones. I saw a post once with a beach cottage done in those two shades. It was spectacular!

  13. My kids think the white gummy bears are unflavored as they are uncolored...because I LOVE them!

  14. I love short and sweet.

    And I loved this clever and amusing link to Alphabe-Thursday's summer school.

    Really neat!

    And I would definitely tell the kids or the Grands that my favorite flavor was the icky one - just so I wouldn't have to share!

    Thank you for linking!



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