Monday, 30 August 2010

It’s out of the box!

Well, I finally got around to unwrapping the sewing machine. I had mentally promised myself a few hours to get started on the quilting, well patchwork at the moment but quilting ultimately.



Last week when I was off work I found an amazing YouTube channel here which offers tutorials for quilting – they make it look so simple!

I’ve also bought several books which I hope will inspire me – they make it look simple too!


I’ve never been a great one for needlework and sewing machines so I was a little cautious when I started. Trying to remember all the things my Mum tried to teach me. I’m a bit pragmatic when it comes to learning things, so I tend to fiddle around before I read the instruction booklets! I managed to load the lower bobbin and thread the machine in readiness and then I set about deciding what I was going to start with. I had a ‘charm pack’ which I bought in the US when I was on holiday, these are packs of around 40 five inch squares, just ready for you to make a start in whatever way you want to. I decided to try and be clever and start with a ‘pin wheel’ pattern, on reflection that may have been a little ambitious. I chose the four squares that I was least attracted to and started my new hobby!


I was very impressed that I managed to stitch straight lines at a quarter of an inch all the way round – that’s an improvement as I can’t generally sew in a straight line! I was feeling quite proud of myself until the time came to use the rotary cutter against the edge of the ruler. The first cut was disastrous. Somehow I managed to move the cutter away from the ruler – I have no idea how it happened but I know I will be a lot more careful with it now!

So here are my first attempts – spot the one that I cut wrong! I don’t think I did too bad for a first attempt, the points of the pin wheels are almost spot on, I think I’ll perhaps sew some strips and squares to get some practice in!


I’ve just come back to the laptop to find I hadn’t finished this post so here is another ta-dah moment! I’ve spent this afternoon sewing as well, this time I started with fat quarters and cut the fabric into strips to make a nine patch square. I’m still not happy with the way I’m finishing – I don’t know if it’s because I’m slipping with the sewing and not keeping straight – I think it probably is that if I’m honest! Anyway, as my mother used to say practice makes perfect – onwards and upwards!

Here’s today’s efforts – John decided to help with the initial cutting ‘cos he thought that was where I was going wrong – it would seem not though!


I think my key word has to be patience now – this is, after all, completely new to me and I mustn’t beat myself up over it!


  1. I think you have done very well for a first attempt. Accuracy is everything and one mistake kinda grows and grows as you go along. I have never had the patience for patchwork and practice is definitely required.

  2. Thats fab for a first attempt, well done :) Xx

  3. Great first attempt - congrats! Terrific.

    Have a great weekend,

    btw apologies for the Delia snafu last week - shows how out of the loop we are here in Spain!


    btw My quick Rainbow Indigo link is here if you've the time!

  4. Quilting is not for the feint of heart. I can't even sew a straight line. I'd have made that same miscut straying away from the ruler as you. I think you did great for a first effort. Practice will help. That's how it usually works, right?


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