Thursday, 26 August 2010

Rainbow Blue


Those of you that know me will not be the slightest bit surprised that for the colour blue I choose my beloved football (soccer) team Ipswich Town. On Saturday afternoons throughout the football season (August through to May) you’ll not get much sense from me as I will generally be focusing on either getting to the game if we’re at home or listening to to the radio if we are away. I will be found listening to (and maybe joining in with) the yells of ‘Come on You Blues’, singing along to our own version of ‘Singing the Blues’ and generally getting caught up with the excitement.

If I’m at home with the radio on, I will be watching for Tweets with the hash tag #COYB (come on you blues!!) or #ITFC (Ipswich Town Football Club) as there are many loyal fans Tweeting from the away grounds, some may say I’m ‘sad’ others that I’m mad but I love the anxiety and torment of the uncertainty!!

Sadly last season was a torment for the most part as we failed to win a game for months, mainly conceding an equalising goal in the dying seconds of extra time, thankfully we rallied to towards the end of the season. However this season we are storming! Two away league wins, one home draw and two away cup wins – we are invincible!! Well, you have to have hope don’t you!!

Have a look at the other blue posts this week – oh, and if you’re feeling generous please give me a clue what I can write for indigo next week!!!


  1. Hope your team has a great year!


  2. Oh so predictable ! I know what I'm doing next week hehehe

  3. Hi again!

    I've got my fingers crossed for you and Ipswich! (Is Delia still a supporter?!)

    Great example of blue (and no, still pondering indigo... though I'm sure I'll be able to research some indigo couture and other items just in time...phew!)

    Have a great Bank Holiday Weekend,


    btw My Rainbow Blue link is here for you!

  4. I am sorry your team gave you the blues.

  5. i love your passion and enthusiasm for your team! go ipswich!

  6. Hope your blues don't give you the blues this year.

  7. shake it off,
    life is a game,
    we lose some, win some, no big deal!
    do better next time!
    Have a Smiling Weekend.

  8. If I had an idea for indigo, I'd gladly share. Sadly, I am at a loss!

  9. The only time I really got into sports was in 2002 when the Angels won the World Series. haha. Hope your team has an excellent season!

  10. Onward and upward! There's always another season (said by a Utah Jazz fan!).

  11. What rah, rah, rah sports fun on our little journey through Rainbow Summer Schools color BLUE!

    I always wish I was a sports fan! It looks like so much fun cheering and yelling. But, alas, I lose track of what's happening...probably because I'm busy reading during the game!

    Thanks for the fun stop and thanks for linking.



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