Thursday, 12 August 2010

Rainbow Yellow



I’m not fond of the colour yellow when it comes to clothing. In fact I’d go so far as to say that I would generally avoid wearing it at all. Except for the time when I worked in a team that wore yellow polo shirts. Not lemon. Bright canary yellow. Yup. The kind of yellow that does not flatter any skin tone.

The thing was, we had a choice of absolutely any colour under the sun but for some reason most of the team opted for yellow. Unfortunately, some members of the team were not particularly adept at their job and the team quickly became known as ‘the Yellow Perils’. Let me tell you I could not wait to ditch that uniform!!

Have a look at what everybody else has come up with this week over at Jenny’s!

PS – I haven’t forgotten about telling you about Rod Stewart, truth is I’ve mislaid a bit of the blogging mojo – hopefully it will be back soon!


  1. It is not my favorite color either.

  2. My sons are always wanting to wear that color of yellow that makes them look jaundiced. They find it amusing.

    Me? Not so much...


  3. No mojo? No worries. I'd love to have seen a picture of the Yellow Perils!

  4. The Yellow Perils - that's a hoot! Hope you find your mojo soon, I MUST hear about Rod :)

  5. I hear you on the yellow clothing of my worst colors to wear!

  6. I like yellow,
    yet, not my favorite one.

  7. Oh no! Lost blogging mojo! Should we send out an ABB (all blogs bulletin !) Sorry, I thought that was cute.

    I feel for any team having to wear canary yellow.

    The only person I have seen looking cute and jaunty in that color is an actual canary.

    Thanks for a cute link! I hope things feel "right" again soon!



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