Thursday, 25 March 2010

J is for

…oh, it has to be John – doesn’t it?

John is my much maligned other half. We’ve been together now for 27 years and married for almost 26 years.

We met at work and I would be lying if I said it was love at first sight. It was probably just the opposite. I couldn’t stand him. he was opinionated and arrogant. Always there putting his views across in a way that I just couldn’t take to. But then there was the evening social event that we both went to and had nobody to talk to. Except for each other. He offered me a drink and then, rather embarrassingly, discovered he had no cash – and neither did I. To cut a long story short, we spent the evening chatting spurred on by the fact that other people were staring and pointing at us, decided to leave the venue together to wide eyed stares from colleagues. On the way out John said ‘If you fancy going out some time, give me a call’ I think he was being polite. My response was ‘Oh I couldn’t do that’ to which he replied ‘OK – what are you doing on Friday?’ For some reason my answer to that was ‘Do you want to come back to mine for coffee?’ I don’t know what I was thinking but that was all I could say.

Anyway, coffee over and he left after a very chaste peck on the cheek. I hardly slept all night. I had butterflies. I was restless – what was going on – I didn’t even like the man. Or did I?

Less than six months after that evening he proposed to me and seven months later we were married. A whirlwind? Yes I suppose you could say that. There have been some very tough times, especially when the boys were young but we overcame everything and are now getting used to spending more time on our own again.

As this post appears in the ether we are nearing the end of the first week of our holiday together – just the two of us this time – so if there are any reports of an Englishman being thrown overboard in the Atlantic – it may just be him! Only joking – of course that would never happen…


  1. such a sweet story!
    Found you via abc wednesday & will be following you too.
    : )

  2. Well it sounds like true love none the less. I am not sure how I found you to begin with...but I am a follower because you come up on my blog roll:) Have a great day!

  3. Awwww!
    Posted the link and there were two comments already! And I have had a twargument

  4. That's so romantic! :)

  5. How sweet. I guess it was love at first sight but you didn't realize it LOL.

  6. This is such a sweet story. It's nice to be able to get to know each other again, isn't it? Hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Kathy

  7. such a sweet beginning :D

  8. Thanks for sharing! I wasn't overly thrilled with my husband when I first met him either! (25 years and counting!)

  9. What a sweet story! I didn't think much of mine when we first met either but we've been married 30+ YEARS now so I guess we both got a pretty good deal! :)

    I'm Beth popping in from Tulsa, Oklahoma and I will be following your blog as I enjoy reading your thoughts!

  10. I enjoyed your story and everything must be OK. I haven't heard any reports of an Englishman overboard in the Atlantic. Have fun!

  11. Came over from Mrs Matlock's class to read your homework, great J post!
    Can he swim??

  12. Oh I loved Maggie's comment!

    What a totally sweet love story.

    I like this kind better then "our eyes met across a smokey room and I just knew..."

    He sounds wonderful...and so do you.

    Sometimes I think humor is one of the strongest glues in a marriage.

    A lovely Joyful J post!


  13. Sweet story and congratulations on 26 years. Sounds like the two of you are off enjoying a wonderful cruise.
    Happy sailing!

  14. 先將一個人的生活過好,才有能力過好兩個人的生活........................................

  15. No reports yet ...:) Lovely story ... Happy sailing - coming to you from Jenny Matlock's Alphab-Thursday

  16. I love romantic beginnings. Sounds like the romance remains. Sweet, just sweet.

  17. I'm catching up from last week and I just love this post. Of course our romance stories are so fun and yours is awesome. Plus the encouragement of knowing you've been through boys and difficulties and good times and are in yet another new season together. Thanks for sharing this.


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