Sunday, 7 March 2010

Ouch! Crunch,pop,ouch!

These were the words I uttered and the sounds I heard at the chiropractor during the last week. First visit was for assessment and x-rays. £110. OK – back needs sorting, has to be done – go for it. That was Monday. On Tuesday I went for the results of the assessment and the first treatment. No real surprises, the bottom few vertebrae are degenerating and there’s hardly any space between 1&2 and 2&3. I also have an ‘S’ shaped scoliosis just above that area – fortunately(!) it’s lateral so doesn’t protrude. The first treatment meant laying on this brilliant couch that moves from vertical to horizontal while you stand on a plate – strange sensation at first but a great way to get on the couch if you can’t move properly. The he moved me to the position I needed to be in. Oh my! I cold have sworn I was going to fall off even though he assured me that I was safe! then he said the words you dread – just relax and let me take control! I don’t actually know the exact position he manoeuvred me into – I was so worried about what he was actually going to do. And then he did it. I heard the crunch. And the pop. And I uttered ‘ouch’ – no really, that was all I said! And then he stuck needles in my back! Acupuncture of course, but not the Chinese type – he did explain but by then I was like ‘OK, whatever’. £30 – for about 20 minutes of his time.

He gave me a treatment plan. Two sessions per week for four weeks. Then one session a week for four weeks. Then a review. I was doing the maths! I do think that my back is worth it though.Honestly. Perhaps I should have taken it more seriously a few years ago. Perhaps. But I didn’t have the money then to consider it – not that I have a surplus now, you understand, but I can be a little more generous to my spine these days. I went back on Thursday. No chat this time straight on to the torture treatment – more crunch, pop and ouch and needles (which, incidentally, don’t hurt at all). John timed this treatment. Six minutes. £30 for six minutes. Repeat the mantra – it will be worth every penny.

I have to say that by yesterday morning I was feeling much better. Still nagging pain in my hip and thigh but better. I went off to the hairdressers and the lovely Angela worked her magic with the colour again. You know, I swear she reads my mind. I’d been getting a bit fed up with my hair – been a bit samey for a while, but I didn’t say anything to her. Instead she said ‘I’m thinking you need a change’! how spooky is that. So I had a change – not much but shorter across the back, a bit ‘choppier’ which hopefully will make it easier to manage – or not. I have no patience in the drying department when it comes to my hair, so we will have to see about that.

I’m going to stop now – I’ve just realised how much I’ve written and if I’m getting bored writing it, I’m sure, dear reader, you must be losing interest too!!

I’ll post a part two later – with the results of my retail therapy!!!!!


  1. Stick with it. I ended up paying out about £500 before I had settled into the every six weeks slot but when my back does ping what would have taken me three weeks to get over now takes about 3 days so it has been worth it. Some NHS surgeries will pay for it but not round here!

  2. I should try this kind of treatment as I get far too frequent back/hip pains.

    But it is pricey phew!


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