Saturday, 6 March 2010

Weekend Reflections

This wasn’t quite what I had in mind today – the lighting wasn’t very good this morning when I was in the hairdressers and I didn’t realise that the camera setting on the phone was black & white - doh! The small top windows are beautiful colours as well – I’m disappointed that I didn’t twig that it was the camera setting and not the light!


BW Reflection

When I sit in this chair facing the mirror I see all sorts of things happening in reverse – this was taken very early this morning though so there wasn’t much going on.

Have a peek at some of the other reflections over at Newtown Area Photos – must try harder for next week!


  1. This looks like it is at the seaside, the textured glass in the leaded light makes it look like there is water behind the houses, how interesting. I must get my self sorted out and start doing this one too

  2. It's a very nice monochrome shot, although I'm wondering about the colors in the glass. This is a really neat shot! I love hos things are very subtly distorted - that is so cool.

  3. You are on my blog roll, so I popped over to see what you where up to:)

  4. on dirait une photo d une autre temps c est tres reussie,bravo ;O)

  5. love this shot!!


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