Sunday, 7 March 2010

That’ll teach me!

Yesterday I had some retail therapy. Shocking. I didn’t ‘need’ anything. I didn’t really ‘want’ anything. I thought a bit of exercise would be good for me, you know, gentle stroll around the shops, spot of lunch while we were out. A large department store was having one of it’s (almost) monthly 25% off days. Used to be just twice a year now it seems like it’s every few weeks  but I needed wanted  decided to look for curtains for son2’s bedroom, he inherited a blind when he moved in just after Christmas but it’s not the nicest looking blind in the world and I persuaded him to go for curtains instead. Problem was he wanted to choose them really, but I thought I’d go a nd get an idea. I found some that I thought he’d like and took photo’s thinking that, if he liked them, I could order them on  line and still get the discount. I knew which ones he’d opt for but I had to let him choose. Typically when I went on line they weren’t there last night. But they were this morning – how can that be? Anyhow – they’re ordered now.

While I was in said department store i thought I might just have a look for ‘a’ frock for the forthcoming cruise (I’ll bore you more about that soon). Spotted a nice one. Very 50’s in style, green and black floral pattern with a belted waist. Mmm nice. Then another, similar style but large purple pattern. Mmm nice. Then another, different completely black and white, little off the shoulder number. Mmm nice. Then a shift style, silky, black and beige sort of colour. Mmm nice. Then a top, pinks and purples, floaty material. Mmm nice. Finally a little cocktail number in purply blue and a little diaphanous (now that’s a word you don’t hear very often!) I confess I bought them all. Without trying on a single one of them. How greedy am I? Very. I tried them on when I got home, fully expecting to take most of them back but apart from the shift style they all fitted a treat. They are now laid out across the bed waiting expectantly for their holiday!

Then I bought shoes. I hate buying shoes. Especially ‘fancy’ shoes ‘cos I know I’ll have trouble walking in them. But I bought two pairs – one of which are *shock horror* purple!

Anyway this post is called ‘That’ll teach me’ I expect you can guess from that that I have paid dearly for my little foray. The back, hips & thigh are killing me today – feels like I’ve gone back three days  - deep sighs – never mind more crunching tomorrow!

  Here’s a sneaky peek! :) 001002


  1. here is your urgent "how I got here" comment... from twitter of course... :)

    ok, off to read the post now...

  2. Hello Rochester Medway here !???? Wish I had a reason to buy frocks. I like frocks

  3. I went shopping yesterday and came back empty handed - I'm a useless shopper whether I need something or not. It's amazing I have anything to wear at all! lol


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