Saturday, 13 March 2010

More rambling….

Ah well, another week of crunching and popping over – only two trips to the chiropractor this week but progress is being made, I can move almost normally and I’m virtually pain free, which is brilliant.
Tuesday took John and I off to Colchester to see the lovely Ellen perform in a short drama piece for her AS level. With three other girls of the same age (16-17) she wrote, directed and produced a 20 minute performance about the Land Army girls from the second world war. I know I’m probably biased but I think it was brilliant! It was marked by the drama teacher for the course work part of the exam – I had to stop John paying him to mark it as A!!
Work was mad this week – I can’t say too much about what’s been going on but I’m just so glad not to have to wait too much longer for my holiday!
The week was rounded off with my day off. After a trip to the chiropractor I popped into town for yet more retail therapy – I had to take one of the dresses back that I bought last week and just needed a few more bits for the holiday.
And finally the piece de résistance of the week was dinner with the lovely Jaydubblah and her husband. You will probably recall that Jaydubblah and I met through Twitter and met up in person for the first time last summer. We thought it was time to introduce the men to each other, which we did over dinner last night – take a look here for more details and a sneaky peak at her Weekend Reflections post!
Well, as I may have mentioned several times in the last few weeks we’ll be off on Friday – all may go quite on the Blogging front for a couple of weeks although I’m going to try to pre-set a couple of things to publish while I’m away. I would blog from the ship but usually internet speed is so poor and so expensive that it prohibits a quick update – we’ll have to wait and see!

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  1. Glad to hear that your back is improving, now you can enjoy your holiday to it's fullest. Although I think the relaxation of the trip might have helped too! Thanks for the link to Jaydubblah's post, did you know that your head was going to make the post? Have a wonderful trip! Kathy


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