Friday, 4 December 2009

A little redesign

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Well – what do you think of the new background? Let me explain that Julie (remember her?), noticed snow effects on another blog and thought I should follow suit – problem was, the old background was too pale for the snow to show up. I spent the whole of yesterday evening fiddling around to find something that looked a little bit seasonal and would show the snow. Trouble was, you know who over at Just Jotting Along had picked the nicest (in my opinion) background from where I normally pick up my backgrounds which left me searching the multitude of other sites for something else. There are some cracking backgrounds out there but a lot of them have very pale centre panels – no good for snow!

When I settled on the current choice (blue and spotty in case I've changed it when you read this) her over at Just Jotting Along couldn't read the text so I had to change the colours because the new design hadn't changed any text colours with it. So there I am reading through the HTML in the template looking for something that resembled text colour, when up she pops on Twitter telling me to go to the Fonts and Colours tab on the layout page, wouldn't you think that, after all the hours I waste spend investigating the possibilities of blogger, I'd have spotted this before – I've never liked the paler colours on the previous templates either – I feel right stupid!

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  1. There was me thinking I had muscae volitantes. I like it, not sure if all viewers will find the colours easy to read. I seem to have some strange shifting up and down of the background going on even when I'm not using the scroll bar or mouse; like the background has hiccups. Glad you are having fun trying to 'read' the html. I like this site for colour code when I'm doing wordles.


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