Sunday, 27 December 2009

That’s Christmas done...

... New Year here we come!

I hope you all enjoyed the Christmas season, whatever your way of celebrating. You won't be surprised to hear that I woke up ridiculously early and sat all alone for a couple of hours, channel hopping until I came across that teen phenomenon 'Twilight' which I started to watch – I think I can see what gets those teenage girls excited! I just now need to find time to watch the other half on Sky+!

Traditionally Christmas Day is the one day each year when we all sit down for breakfast together which we normally eat around 10am, I gently woke the boys about 9.30 to give them the early warning they needed and proceeded to cook breakfast. Nothing to fancy – sausages, bacon, eggs & toast. John took over after he'd noticed that I was banging around trying to prepare the veggies for dinner at the same time – apologies to any men who read this but why did he have to wait until I was getting grumpy about it? Anyway, row averted but we had very crispy fried eggs – pan was far too hot but I mustn't interfere!!

After breakfast we progressed to our exchange of gifts – not so many this year, although I seemed to have more because I brought all of my work things home unopened. My present from John was a ring. An eternity ring, with rubies and diamonds to match my engagement ring. I knew I was getting it because I had pointed it out in the jewellers – I'd even had my finger measured in anticipation. You know what's coming don't you – it didn't fit! My ever gallant husband said "You must have put more weight on" note the use of the word 'More'. Son 2 immediately chipped in with 'It must have been labelled wrong in the shop'. I know I've put weight on. My wedding ring no longer fits and needs enlarging. I'm sure though that my finger has not grown a whole ring size in two months. It must have been labelled wrong.

Moving on we opened the rest of our gifts. I bought John one of those massage things that you attach to a chair. Purely for selfish reasons. Son2 and I had sat in the department store for over half-an-hour 'testing the merchandise'. I needed one. No doubt in my mind. I couldn't justify buying myself one. So I bought it for John. He loved it. Result.

FDIL arrived shortly afterwards and we gave our gifts to her. I love having girls to buy for, I can buy silly things like stripy socks, cuddly toys, smellies, PJs – so much more fun than buying for young men! Sadly Son2's GF wasn't with us – they're 'having a break' to sort things out, but she still had her gifts a few days earlier and sent a lovely text in thanks – we do miss her, I hope things get sorted between them. Son2 is sad and I don't like to see him like that.

If I say so myself, Christmas dinner was probably the best I've ever cooked. We had a turkey crown as nobody is really keen on eating turkey for a week after Christmas, served with home-roasted potatoes (I normally cheat and use frozen!), peas, carrots, parsnips, butter nut squash (which I grew myself from seed!!), mini sausages wrapped in bacon and the most delicious stuffing mix I have ever had. Followed by Christmas pudding and mince pies.

The rest of the day seems to have passed in a blur – Son1 disappeared to FDIL's parents, Son2 retreated to his bedroom with his TV and laptop, I dozed (no change there!) and John watched TV.

I decided to do something different for Boxing Day as the football was an away game and I bought tickets for the Cinema – we went to see Nine which you can read about here I'm not sure I was getting the plot but as we left and started to talk about, I think both John and I got the same idea – an interesting film.

Amongst all of this seasonal frivolity, my friend Grethic thought it would be a good idea to host a seasonal brain teaser and other challenges – take a look and scroll down to see what gems she has come up with! The first challenge was to elicit gifts from Santa, the next to work out how many legs she would have in her house after delivery of the 12 Days of Christmas gifts – let me tell you the fun that was had chez Sparkle with that one! And latterly the challenge to draw a 'miximal'. She suggested a cross between an ostrich and a tortoise. I am no artist. Below is my result. Please be gentle with your comments. I know it looks more like a penguin. Or an emu. Like I say – I'm no artist.


  1. Hello :-)
    I'm popped over thanks to Grethic's Postman's Knock idea. I love the fact you had a turkey crown for Christmas dinner. It makes so much sense. Anyway, belated festive greetings from the other side of Suffolk. :-D

  2. Mince meat pies. Yum. I miss those. You are obviously not American.

    I too have a Christmas morning breakfast tradition. Eggs Benedict.

    The sad thing is I broke up with my man on Christmas Eve so it was Eggs Benedict...for one.

    grumble grumble.

  3. Love your miximal! And your comment on my blog lol...

  4. Happy New Year Xxx


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