Sunday, 2 May 2010

What will Sparkle do next?

No – don’t worry, I haven’t done anything wrong or mischievous – just finished the latest hooky project!

When I had finished the Granny squares I had loads of yarn left over and decided to make a wavy blanket – I saw a pattern here but at first look it scared the hell out of me and I didn’t think I could manage it! The lovely Janet then copied a pattern for me that was very similar so I opted for that, with a variation (the pattern said double crochet (US single) but I opted for treble crochet (US double)). I was a little concerned at first to see holes appearing but then I realised it was because I’d varied the pattern slightly – eventually the holes became the guide for the pattern and helped to keep it on track!


It ended up a perfect square – don’t know how!


It’s not perfect by any means but it’s kept me occupied for a few months!

I’ve enjoyed making the blanket but was in a hurry to finish it because it is becoming too warm now to sit with it over my legs as I work! So the question is – what next? A while ago I decided to start building up a stash of yarn so that, in an emergency situation(!), I wouldn't have to go for days with nothing to do. We don’t have a particularly good source of yarn in Ipswich so I have to buy it when I see it! I was bemoaning this fact to Janet on Friday and she pointed me in the direction of a shop in Woodbridge, just a few miles away. Yarn heaven! I want that shop – it’s run by a very nice middle-aged man who really needs to let me get my hands on the shop! It would be a goldmine – needs a real good tidy up and sort out and I could see the people flocking from miles around, although saying that about five people came in in the ten minutes or so that I was there.

So – what’s next? Needs to be small so that I can hold it – I would dearly love to try something much finer so have bought some cotton. I’d also like to make a baby afghan – I’ve found a lovely pattern but will need more yarn than I bought :(. And then there’s the scarily bright yarn I bought for Something Completely Different  - I really must stop blog hopping to all of these lovely sites that fuel my imagination!


Janet to the rescue again plus this great site for free pattern downloads from ‘vintage’ crochet books

The blue is a 4-ply cotton and was the end of the lot – I bought all that was left – I need to find a white to make a lovely baby afghan that I’ve seen! I think I’m veering towards the brights for now to make Granny squares!

I’m off now – need to come up with a way to celebrate Blog-versary tomorrow – may even do a give-away, watch this space!

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  1. I'd never have the time or patience for doing this...


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