Sunday, 23 May 2010

May Secret Post Club


Remember I left you last week with a tease about what was  in that gorgeous pink jiffy bag that the postman bought me?

Well, I can reveal that it contained…


… a tube of Heathcote & Ivory Lavender and Lemongrass hand cream and a bottle of L’Occitaine’s Paeonia Eau de Toilette, which I have to say I had not heard of but that I now absolutely adore!!

This came courtesy of the lovely Victoria aka Mummy Bear!

Thank you, Victoria, for taking the trouble to read through my blog and choosing something so appropriate!!

More information about the Secret Post Club can be found here!


  1. going to check out the secret club...

  2. How lovely, I might take a look at that :)

  3. ok I am curious now.....I will go look....I love girly smelly stuff!


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