Sunday, 9 May 2010

Look what the postman bought me this week!!

I’ve had a week of real deliveries this week – nothing surprising because I’d ordered  a load of stuff, but it is quite nice to have real packages to open!

Since the reawakening of my love for crochet I can often be found either searching blogs or auction sites for vintage-like crochet patterns. I found this gem on e-Bay for 99p (about 70cents now that the pound has dropped against the dollar!!) just look at the 70s-ness of it – I don’t care if I ever use it or not the  10 minutes I spent skimming through it were worth every penny I spent!

001 002  004 006 003

Please don’t all rush to place your orders!!!!!!

Then there was this yarn – remember I bought some blue last week? Well I found a pattern for a lovely baby blanket (keeping that as a surprise for the time being!!)and needed more yarn than I had, I thought maybe pink & blue together would make it more unisex. I changed my mind when I realised that it would be mainly blue anyway and there is still something that makes pink to girly for unisex! With that thought I managed to find the same brand on another auction site and ordered white to make two blankets – that’s another couple of projects planned!


And then there were these gorgeous notebooks which I ordered from my own photos through Photobox. I’m going to use them as gifts for a couple of very good friends!



  1. Oh boy tell me about having a planned to do list I am supposed to be making my daughters birthday gifts ( I said that in January ) it is her birthday in 2 weeks yikes. I love old fasshioned crochet will look and seee if I have any in the loft.

  2. I love old fashioned crochet too, my mum has just started learning again, so hopefully will be able to show off some of her talent when she gets the hang of it again (she used to be really good at it, but she had three huge strokes several years ago and was unable to keep it up as lost some of the movement in her hands)

  3. Neat old patterns! I think that journal idea is amazing - thanks for sharing!


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