Wednesday, 9 February 2011

For Sale?

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I received this email yesterday from ‘Paul’ – should I be flattered??

Hi, I am interested in buying your blog . If you are possibly interested in selling your blog, please contact me at

What price would you put on your blog?

If you have other blogs, I may be interested in them also.



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Paul – if you are reading this (which I very much doubt) it’s yours for $10million dollars!

(Actually it’s not for sale – my blog is priceless, whatever makes these people spam like this? And by the way I didn’t click on the lick and I’ve disabled it on this post)

Anybody else heard from Paul??


  1. Hi, I received almost the same email today. I did a search to see what other people have said in response to this, and I share your sentiments in my own blog purchase price!

    Here is what he sent me:
    Hi, I am interested in purchasing your blog .

    I represent a firm that purchases entire blogs, that is, the URL as well as the content of the blog. We use these blogs to improve the search engine rankings of our clients.

    Our firm requires that the blog has correct English and grammar. It must have original content (not duplicate content from other blogs or websites) as well as having no pornography or other distasteful content. In addition, the blog must be able to be found on Google.

    If you are interested in selling your blog(s), please reply with your URL(s) as well as your asking price(s). An actual offer for your blog would happen after a detailed analysis of it that showed that it met all of our criteria.

    Below is the typical pricing (in US dollars) based on the PageRank of your blog:

    PageRank 1 - from $200. to $300.
    PageRank 2 - from $250. to $400.
    PageRank 3 - from $340. to $575.
    PageRank 4 - from $475. to $700.
    PageRank 5 - from $625. to $1,000.

    You can contact me at

    Thank you,


    Evolved Management

  2. That's the exact email I recieved as well. What's the point of spam like this? What do they possibly hope to gain?

    Take it for $10,000 I say! I'll just migrate it and make another!

  3. I had the same email and just trashed it. I see some other bloggers had this email too. You were a bit more pricey than me, I just said a million!!!

  4. Yep, I got it as well. I said that if his clients wanted better page rankings, they needed to be more interesting -- and maybe put in some actual work of their own.

  5. I received that email too. Replied by saying 'Wise up'

  6. Yeah I got it too, as if!!

  7. I received this junk email too. I figure he is a scammer that wants you to divulge your banking info on the pretext he will make a deposit when actually he will just empty it out.

    Note he did not give his surname, phone number, website, etc. Not a credible business person. Just another scammer as far as I can tell.

  8. I got the same email and I search using his email add and I landed on your blog. :)

  9. And I'm here for the same reason as Willa..Also got the same e-mail from "Paul". Very odd e-mails to be sending - who would sell their blog for such a small amount? I told him the blog wasn't for sale but that the money offered might be enough for a blogroll link ;)

  10. I just got this email too. I have no idea if it is genuine or not. It's odd though that he does not give a surname, position in company, address, phone number etc.

  11. Hey, just found your blog on a search of "Paul-evolved management...". Looks like a bunch of spamolla to me. It's really making the rounds by the looks of things. Had a different one a month ago from "Sarah Miller" about 'clients' wanting to advertise on my blog. What's that stench in the air!

  12. My search of this smammer led me to your blog as well. Blogs for sale!


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