Monday, 28 February 2011

Didn’t we have a lovely time…

…the day we spent sewing!! Sorry – that started out better than it finished (I had that stupid song about a Trip to Bangor in mind when I started typing!!)

Unusually, I had today off as part of my nine-day fortnight and I spent it sewing with Nicola (check out her handiwork here – plus her version of events!!) after I had completed the mountain of ironing that had built up over the weekend!

Nicola arrived about 10.30 and after about two hours of chatting – I haven’t seen her for ages – and lunch of soup & roll plus delicious Victoria sandwich cake (provided by Nicola) we finally got around to sewing – and this is the result…


We started with two rectangular pieces of fabric (no pattern or instructions – just Nicola’s memory) which I quilted together, bound the top and bottom, fitted a zip (never done that before!!) and then pleated the sides ending up with about four (maybe more) layers to sew through – just as well the machine is sturdy! Add a tab in to the mix, turn it inside out, give it a bit of a tug here and there and …voila!! You have this…


Lovely!!! So what’s next? Well, I had a bit of a browse after we’d finished with the thought that I needed some lovely bright solid colours and stumbled across a site here that I thought was very reasonably priced so I did myself a bit of ordering – bags could become the new quilts!!

Oh – before I forget the verdict on yesterday’s muffins – Blueberry’s were OK – not sure about the butternut squash and rosemary – they were a bit soggy for my liking – I think maybe I misjudged the quantities of squash!

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  1. Anonymous1/3/11

    Thanks for the link, looks excellent! Fabulous bag looks very impressive! Tracey x


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