Sunday, 27 February 2011

Ta Dah!!

Woo hoo!!! I am a chuffed Sparkle! Two batches of muffins – one Blueberry the other Butternut Squash and Rosemary – this weeks Blueberry mix rose a little more than last weeks but I still don’t think I’ve found the best one – anybody have one to share? The Butternut Squash ones are from this book here. I don’t very often watch TV cookery programmes but this one really caught my eye – especially when she made these muffins. As yet they are untested – I’ll let you know what they are like!

So, without further ado…




This tin is perfect for 9 muffins – which meant the other 3 had to be eaten!!

And last but by no means least – I’ve finished the top of the ‘Simplified Log Cabin’ I thought I was never going to finish it but I am quite chuffed with my efforts –not so sure I’d rush to use the pattern again though!!


Still needs backing and quilting but as it’s been such a lovely day today I thought I’d get out there to take a sunny day picture!

When I posted this morning I forget all about the great day I have planned with Nicola tomorrow – I’m going to learn something new which I hope to share with you – if they work out OK!!

Now  back to the TV for League Cup final – if I can stay awake, happy days!! Smile


  1. Oh wow - those muffins look tasty!! Will we be sampling them tomorrw???? And that quilt looks VERY complicated - doesn't look "Simplified" at all - well done!!

  2. Yes, I was going to ask whatever is a complicated log cabin like. If you only have one tin then who's going to eat all the squash ones - oh yes, it will be Nicola LOL


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