Sunday, 30 January 2011


No not the liquorice type but a mish mash of stuff that’s gone on over the past couple of weeks!

Last time I posted I mentioned that the friend that I call Julie and her friend Steph were coming to visit and I was going to help them create a blog, right now I should give you a beautifully crafted hyper link to take you to it. But I can’t. When it came to getting started neither of them could remember the password they use to access their joint email account! No matter how many times they tried, they just couldn’t remember it so we abandoned the idea of creating a blog and instead spent the afternoon chatting about crafty things and them sharing hints and tips with me – they’ve been at this creative lark an awful lot longer than I have!

What else has happened? Probably not much worth sharing, I have to say I will not be sorry to see the back of January. It’s been a terrible month at work which, no matter how hard I try, plays a very large part in my life and in my thoughts. I’d like to think that February will be better – I’m not holding my breath though.

Oh yes, I started a new quilt project – it took me all last Sunday to cut the pieces, 210 of them. I’m using a pattern that I found on line and is called ‘Simplified Log Cabin’ with the skill level of beginner. Huh – let me tell you that he person who created this must be having a laugh! I laid out all of the pieces in order on the front room floor – unfortunately I don’t have a dedicated sewing room so I’m restricted in that I can’t leave things laid out. So anyway, there I was (OK there was John – my knees don’t do crawling around on the floor these days) laying out the pieces in a beautiful pattern, my mind knows that I need to take a photo to make sure I piece it together properly, and suddenly I find myself collecting the pieces for each square to pin them together – 42 blocks in all – after I’d pinned three rows together I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t taken the photo - doh! I nearly cried – I was so cross with myself but also very tired from all that concentrated effort! After a ‘light bulb’ moment on Monday I thought I know – I’ll lay the pieces out on the spare bed! So with John’s help, they were beautifully laid across the bed – where they will stay until the final square is pieced.

I’ve started piecing today – the first 5 pieces to make the first block were stitched and unpicked about 5 times but I persevered and after about 4 hours I had my first block completed – the next 3 took a lot less time! I have to wonder if the designer of this pattern actually asked anybody to test her instructions before she published, if this had ben my first project it would be in the bin by now!

What else? Oh yes – went to the cinema yesterday and saw ‘The King’s Speech’. I’m no film buff but strongly recommend that everybody should see it – no matter what nationality you are. *Warning* there is a little bit of strong language but not in a gratuitous way. The film tells of King George V’s endeavours to cure his stammer and also shows the love story of him and Elizabeth, Queen Mother and is worth a couple of hours of anybody’s time.

So that’s about it really – nothing much of any great excitement happening, Ipswich knocked out of the cup after putting up a valiant effort in both legs, the boys are both busy with their lives and John and I are settling into being just the two of us – not as bad as we thought it would be!

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  1. I agree with you Heather - I'll be glad to see the back of January!!
    Once you've mastered that Log Cabin pattern, maybe you'd like to try "Log Cabin with Attitude"?? It's great, and can give you a lesson if you like :)

  2. I've heard wonderful things about that movie and I think I'd really enjoy it. Will have to wait until it's available on DVD because our schedules are too nuts to make going to the theatre a possibility right now. I'll be glad to see January gone too, what a rotten month! Can't wait to see your quilt when you are done. I love quilts, but do not have the patience (or sewing talent) to do them. Hope you have a great week. Kat


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