Monday, 3 January 2011

How do I miss him… or how I do miss him?

So what do I miss about Son2 now he’s moved out?

His laundry – well make that his ironing ‘cos his washing machine doesn’t work at the moment Thumbs up

His untidy bedroom – I now have a beautifully tidy spare room, all guests welcomed! Thumbs up

We use less toilet roll – what the hell did he used to do with it? Thumbs up

The bathroom is so tidy with his shaving stuff and hair gel gone Thumbs up

We get through less cereal – he had a huge bowl full most eveningsThumbs up

The unpredictability of his moods – especially first thing in the morning Thumbs up

Hearing about his day and the tales of his clients while we eat our dinner Thumbs down

Wondering what time he’ll be home when he goes out Thumbs up (although I now don’t know if I need to worry or not)

His quirky sense of humour Thumbs down

His company Thumbs down

Him Thumbs down

Mmmm – bit of a mixed bag really. I do miss him, possibly more that I missed Son 1 when he moved out but that’s probably because we still had Son 2 here. I think the strangest thing is probably preparing meals – and buying two people sized packs of things! I thought I’d got plenty in the freezer the other day only to find I have chicken galore in big packs – I need to take a leaf out of Janet’s book and make up meals to freeze, if only I could be bothered!!

As I write this he has gone to football with John – the last day of the seemingly endless Christmas break this year (although I did work Wednesday & Thursday last week) – when he comes back we’ll need his strength to help put the Christmas decorations in the loft, I knew he’d be useful for something!!


  1. Oh such mixed blessing when they move - pleased with their independence but so curious to know how they are. - I know just how you feel.

  2. I share your mixed bag of feelings.. I wonder if we will ever get completely used to it!

  3. Awwwwww, that's so sweet


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