Sunday, 10 January 2010

Sunday Stealing: The Current Obsessions Meme

I'm not sure these are my current obsessions but here we go with this week's Sunday Stealing

Book: The Millennium Trilogy (Girl with the dragon tattoo, Girl who played with fire & Girl who kicked the hornets nest) because they are not my usual choice of reading!

Snack: Don't get me started – anything left over from Christmas. Why do I buy so much?

Restaurant: Anything pasta probably

Beverage: A lovely cup of Earl Grey tea

Decor: Minimal in my own home but country cottage in anybody elses!

Actor: Hugh Grant! Just because ...

Actress: Not really sure – I'm not a great film buff do I don't tend to have favourites

Movie: See above!

TV show: Tends to be background entertainment these days!

Hobby: Err.... Blogging. And Crochet. And Blog hopping!

Band: No real favourite but I do like Take That since they've become a 'Man' band instead of a 'Boy' band!

Song: Don't really have one (aren't I boring!)

Meme: Sunday Stealing of course

Blog: Too many to mention!

Lover: My other half of course

Friend: All of them

Quote: I'm really bad at quotes

Peeve: Too many to mention but at the moment idiotic drivers who don't clear the snow before setting off on their journeys.

Sport: Football – the UK type of course!

Singer: Tough one – it varies. Michael Buble is great, Rod Stewart will always be great...


  1. Oh ya....I could sit and watch and listen to Hugh Grant forever!

    Here's mine...I hope you can stop by--- Click here

  2. How stupid are some of those drivers anyway when the snow starts blowing up at them?

    Have a great day!

    Join us for Monday Mayhem

  3. Hugh Grant - most definitely. :-)


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