Monday, 25 January 2010

Another week gone by...

The observant amongst you will have noticed that there was no weekly update on Saturday, why? No reason – just didn't get around to it!

Last week was OK – nothing special. Considering that we have been in the midst of a grey gloom now for several weeks with just the odd few minutes of blue sky and a glimpse of a watery sun, my mood has been quite good – I'm sure that you'll be pleased to hear that! I'm carrying on with the view at work that I can only do what I can, a colleague always used to say that the work will expand to fit the time available and of course she was right. Strangely, with my new found resolve I got more done last week than I have for ages which cheered me up no end! I'm going to confess that at the beginning of last week I had over 200 unread emails in my inbox – by Thursday it was just over 100, still far too many but nobody seems to be chasing me for answers which makes you wonder how many of them were that important...time will tell!

On Friday I managed to have a day off – remember, I used to have a day off every other week? Well, this was my first opportunity since the end of November to take a day off – my diary was completely empty so I took the opportunity. Yes, I know I could have used the day to go through the rest of the emails but actually I deserved the day off. Nothing spectacular happened, the building is still standing, life carried on as if I was there anyway so all's well.

I decided to treat myself to some flowers and thought I'd go for something different and came up with the basket of hyacinths at the top of this post – I have to keep turning them round so that they all have a turn to reach for the light, since I took the photo they have grown considerably – when they open up I'll take another pic to share. I hope they don't disappoint.

On Saturday I met up with Janet and we dared to be different! Not radically, we just went to Woodbridge for lunch instead of Ipswich, I also had the opportunity to meet her OH who is a charming man! I have to say that because he referred to me as a 'young lady' without any hint of irony.

I'm off now – need to start thinking about what I'll write for this week's Alphabe - Thursday it's the letter B this week, I've had lots of suggestions already but I'm going to keep you all guessing for a couple more days!


  1. Good for you for taking the day off! I'd say well deserved. Can't wait to see what you post for Alphebe-Thursday. Kathy


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