Thursday, 14 January 2010

A Pome What I Wrote

With absolutely no apologies for the lack of style, content or substance – this came to me (mostly) at 4 o'clock this morning – please use a sing-song style while reading!


I've made some new friends from blogging, on Facebook and Twitter too

There's Miss Posh, Lady B and Jaydubblah and Busby to name but a few

They all are quite different in outlook, on content of comment or Tweet

Sometimes their writings leave you nowhere to look, 'cept for down at your feet

Miss Posh is a stay at home mum, with L'il Man, Posh Pupp and her man

She writes how she feels from her heart, which she does because she can

Lady B works in healthcare, dedicated to her patients it seems

But if you don't keep your appointment, she'll let you know what that means

Now Jaydubblah, what does she do? That's right at the moment not a lot

She'll tell you she's looking for something, when the weather changes to hot

And Busby, oh yes an enigma, appears on line for but a while

But believe me his comments, though few, will always leave you with a smile

There's others too many to mention, more difficult to include in a rhyme

But believe me Grethic, Kathy & Erin I think of you all of the time!


  1. Ooh, you're so talented! I know, I've stepped back from blogging quite a bit (and commenting too - I can't do everything) :) but I think of my blog friends too!

  2. You are too cute! The only thing I can do at 4am is stumble to the coffee pot! Kathy

  3. Hehe, very good and thank you for the mention.. :)


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