Saturday, 9 January 2010

Burst pipes and the tumble drier

Brrrrrr – it's flippin' freezing! No need to tell you that the cold weather and abnormal amounts of snow have captured all of the headlines this week, meanwhile life has had to continue as normal as far as possible.

Work has been mad (I'm feeling obliged to share this with you!). Lots of very sick people needing lots of care and attention, there's something about the camaraderie that this type of pressure engenders. We are all exhausted but in some sort of mad way things have been on a high this week. I think generally the public are more understanding and most of the staff go that extra mile to make things happen in such adverse conditions. We've had some staff arrive at work with overnight bags and making up beds so that they don't miss their shifts – that's what makes the NHS great!

On the home front, John's temporary contract came to an end at the end of the year so he is currently a house-husband which has meant that, after finding a cleaning fairy, he is now in charge of all things domestic (with a guiding hand from moi of course). He has been a hero getting up early in the morning and clearing the car to take me to work and also cleaning son 2's car so that he can get off quicker.

When he got home on Thursday morning he was greeted by our neighbour who was wondering what he could hear against our shared fence. It was water. Our garden tap had frozen and burst – the water was coming out at full mains pressure and bouncing off of the fence. Our neighbour fortunately can turn his hand to almost anything and despite the freezing temperature helped John to stop the flow. That was after they managed to turn off the stop cock in the kitchen cupboard. It was stuck fast with limescale and took them ages to move it. The pipe had to be capped and will need to be repaired in the warmer weather. In the ensuing melee John panicked to turn off the tumble drier – I have no idea what he was thinking but he has walloped the control switch so hard that he has pushed them so far in, the drier no longer works – the stupid thing is all he had to do was turn the switch off at the wall or simply open the door! Ho-hum, men eh?

So now I have no drier and have resorted to using the 'clothes horse' method which is OK for small amounts of laundry but not several loads a day. I asked him to call a repair man yesterday – you know what's coming don't you? Yep – he forgot!

So what does the weekend hold in store? Well, the forecast is for more snow. I don't intend to go anywhere. I need to motivate myself to do something other than sit here either crocheting or surfing. I'm tired so don't feel particularly inclined to do much – I do feel though that I may go stir crazy if I don't get out.

Ok, enough of this sitting and surfing – except for finding a man to repair the drier, what chance have I got of anything happening to soon?


  1. Anonymous9/1/10

    As I sat to read this earlier my iron died. I blame the weather, sad to say I have already bout a new one, this is serious!

  2. All this cold weather is very tiring and I want to go out but can't face it for long.. brrrrrr....

  3. God bless your husband. What a man.


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