Saturday, 16 January 2010

Not a bad week really

The snow has mostly gone – for the first time in almost a month the roads and paths are clear and safe here in the East. I will start to walk to work again from Monday – lord knows I need the exercise. I took the brave step of weighing myself this morning – a figure which I will not be sharing with anybody. Not even my closest friends are going to hear that horror story. Suffice to say I need to lose an awful lot of weight (again) to get me back to a more healthy level. I can do it – I lost two stone (28 pounds) about three or four years ago and it was so easy. I did it in six months with Weight Watchers and my head was in the right place. It's true that it's not a diet but a lifestyle change. I just need to get my head back to that place and to stop my hands picking up the wrong foods to put in my mouth. So Monday is going to be that day. Back to a healthier lifestyle, better food and a new headspace. The problem is that I need to eat at midday and sometimes work gets in the way of making the healthy choice – I'll just have to try harder.

So what have I been up to this week? Well, work (obviously) mad but managed. I had a bit of a eureka moment when the scales fell from eyes and I realised that I can only do what I have time for. There are nowhere near enough hours in my day to get everything done that needs doing so I prioritise now. The obvious things have to be done immediately, but after that I take the time to work out what needs doing next. So far I have learnt that it was right for me not to have applied for the job on a permanent basis, I have enjoyed huge elements of it and might think again if an opportunity came up elsewhere in the future – just not right now.

We have had the strange experience of Son 1 coming to see us as a visitor. He doesn't know what to do with himself – he actually sits with us and talks! When he lived at home he spent 90% of his time in his bedroom – he can't do that now so has to sit in the front room with us! That's weird. He doesn't stay long – just enough to eat, digest and after a reasonable time he goes home. Last night he came with FDIL and we had Dominoes pizza – it's a novelty for them to sit at a table to eat so we made an effort for them! That will have to be my last take-away for a while.

My house husband has kept up the good work this week although he's had a nasty cold which doesn't seem to be getting any better – he actually slept in the spare room on Thursday night which meant that we both actually slept better, mmmm......could that be the answer...

On with the weekend. Football this afternoon – hopefully another win for Ipswich Town, we're on a bit of a roll now and need to keep going. John and Son 2 are not coming today, instead they are going to watch Colchester United play Norwich City which is the only derby game they'll see this year – there is no love lost in the region between the derby teams but traditionally Ipswich Town fans so dislike Norwich City that the rivalry is off the Richter scale. Son 2's true love however, in football terms, is Colchester United. So, to save me going to football on my own, my friend Carl is coming with me and bringing his son to use the tickets.

Time to get on now then – oh, not much housework to do so whatever will I spend the morning doing... oh yes, the bits that he doesn't notice that need doing! Happy weekend everybody!


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  1. Morning sparkle. Very restrained Blog background and is it right that I cannot see anything to the left hand side of the screen now? Words go right up to the edge. Have you seen mine, I found a really groovy site via one of the SCDiff people.
    Prioritising is the answer, almost inclined to say "der" but you have to work these things out for yourself (hope that doesn't sound patronising) That's partly what I was getting at when I said first day back after Christmas was always working out what you were going to do over the following days. But I guess that you have more things that are emergencies than I did and they always muck up the plan! Hope they win today, luv Jx


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