Saturday, 24 July 2010

Why I’m me

Oh heck – I’ve almost missed last weeks Saturday Centus, how did that happen??

As usual, the prompt is in italics and the rest is all my own work!

“Mama, how do we get the names we get?” I asked one hot day way back then, “ I mean what was it that made you call me Dotty?”

Mama turned and looked at me and a huge smile burst across her face. She didn’t answer straight away. Instead she found an old LP and placed it on the gramophone. From the black vinyl came the clear voice of Judy Garland “Somewhere over the rainbow”.

“That was the song they played when I first danced with your father”, she told me. With a strange, faraway look in her eyes.


  1. Ah, what temptation a good song can lead us all into! Wonder how many of us started with music, a dance, a song....?

  2. What a neat take on the prompt! Glad you made it before the deadline, as I really enjoyed this Heather. Kat

  3. Oh I do. like this! So glad you made it!I can really believe it!

  4. Ah,romance! Music is a powerful memory finder, and I can see the sparkle in the mother's eyes. Worth the wait!


  5. that song evokes so much emotion for so many! Well done, I am glad you joined in (and right after me!! Yeah, I wasn't the only really late one!!)

  6. Ahhhh.... I love this! It looks like a lot of us missed your link! Do you want me to put you in first place for the next prompt?

    I liked this story a lot.

    It really spoke to the emotion of that song.

    Thank you for sharing your talent with us.


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