Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Journey Home

Saturday Centus time again, and a cheeky little link this week – can you spot it?

The prompt is in bold, here we go:

Driving six hours is a long time on the road. Six hours spent singing car-aoke and taking in the picturesque scenery, but mostly reminiscing about the good times. But those days were long gone and my mind was in a different place now. Or was it? My pulse quickened as I passed the road sign which read "Medford 27 miles."

That’s Medford NJ. The place I once referred to as home but not now. Joe was prompting me for more memories from the driver’s seat as I stared through the window. He knew why I was here, the reasons that I had to come. I trusted him to keep me safe. As we turned into the street that was our destination I told him to pull up a way from the house. I had to do this by myself. He understood. It’s true, the smell of freshly mowed grass can stay with you for years, for decades.


  1. Oh you are a clever one! Spotted it right away. Nice use of not just one, but two prompts. I hope you continue this, there are alot of ways this could be developed into a great short story. Kat

  2. I've got a book I must lend you - this just reminded me of it

  3. Cheeky, Cheeky, Cheeky...mwahahaha

  4. I love how you bookended it in two prompts!

  5. I noticed that you used an old prompt too lol. That was a neat idea. Very creative you are.

  6. Cool stuff! I read it right away. Some of these stories and prompts have really stuck in my mind!

    I am loving this meme.

    Watching the way peoples mind twist around the same set of words is totally fascinating to me.

  7. Great job! Love your take on the prompt. Full of intrigue and suspense. A well-crafted piece. Too bad it had to end so soon!


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