Thursday, 22 July 2010

Alphabet Soup

This week Jenny has mixed things up and made some suggestions for a final round up of Alphabe-Thursday. I’ve opted to re-post the one that I think caused more hilarity from you, dear reader, than any of the other posts. And that would be L is for Lycra which originally appeared back in April here.

Picture the scene. We’re just home from our wonderful holiday. Son 2 is at home to greet us. All appears normal. Until he says ‘Stay in your bedroom with the door closed until I call you’. Mmmm – he’s always been a bit unpredictable but what on earth was he up to now?

So he called from downstairs. Off I went opened the front room door to be greeted by a vision in …PURPLE LYCRA – head to toe, including covering his face. He posed like one of those living statues and didn’t say a word. Now this is where I should show you a photo but I have to be honest I laughed so much I didn’t have the sense to grab the camera! Apparently this is a ‘Morph Suit’ they seem to be quite the thing by this website here. I tell you, you had to be there to appreciate it, I’m still smiling now!

Apparently he’s off for a weekend at a Frisbee competition  - I’m not sure if this is the kit he’ll be wearing! Ahh boys will be boys, however old they are!

This is the closest I can get – just imagine it in purple!!


I did ask him if he would pose for me tonight when he came in from work, his response ‘That’ll be a no’ at least I tried!

Pop across to Jenny's blog to see the rest of this weeks contributions.

So the next seven weeks are the colours of the rainbow, will I participate? Oh, I don’t know. I’ve struggled lately to keep up – I might just have a break. But then again I might not, you’ll just have to wait and see!

Hop across and see what the others have done this week!

(By the way the blog template is probably only temporary until I can get back on to The Cutest Blog On The Block to sort it out!)


  1. I do remember this post, and it made me laugh yet again. I would have loved to see the look on your face! Hope you aren't having too much trouble adjusting back to "real life" after your holiday:) Kat

  2. Yep, I do remember this one. It was and is hilarious!

  3. Your son sounds like quite a character. Really funny.


  4. my suit!!!! i still want one ... i want to run around downtown looking all anonymous and cool ... sadly they dont come in short round sizes so i will just keep it in my dreams!!!

  5. Yes, I remember this post too - one of the best ever!

    Happy Alphabe-Thursday,


    PS Mine this week is HERE. Hope you can join me!

  6. Yes, I remember that suit. What a shock that must have been. :)

  7. Bwhahaha I loved it then and I love it now!

  8. That is too funny! Too bad you didn't get a picture of it.

  9. I remember that one - too funny!

  10. I don't think I was a around during the letter L so I missed it. Thanks for the repost.

  11. You know what?

    I laughed really hard the first time you posted this and it made me laugh again!

    What a nut!

    And what a sweet and funny link to make our pot of Alphabet Soup even more delicious!

    Thank you!



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