Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Brighty, Stripey Thing

In answer to the question a few weeks ago ‘What will Sparkle do next’ here is the reveal!
I started with the intention of making just another blanket  to stow away somewhere for a rainy cold day and then had the bright idea of making a cover for the garden swing seat – all this blog-hopping inspires me no end! I like the way that the back looks like an old-fashioned deckchair with it’s stripy brightness! There’s a slight tension problem on the back but I think once I get some foam inside it’ll pull straighter  - but then again I don’t think it matters too much anyway!
It would have been lovely to show this on the swing but sadly the British weather has proved true to form for our holiday weekend – rain and clouds ruled!


  1. What a happy project! This just made me smile!

  2. I love the stripeyness of the brightness and the brightness of the stripes. It is indeed a very bright and stripey thing


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