Sunday, 6 June 2010


Saturday Centus time again! The prompt is in italics, courtesy of Mr Jenny!

I settled into the comfortable movie theater seat with awkward 3D glasses perched on my nose, a small tub of popcorn on my lap, and a bottle of water lodged into the seat holder, although it was dark I felt self conscious. I was not used to going out on my own and wondered why I had chosen a 3d movie. I needed to share my feeling of looking stupid with the glasses, but those days were gone.

The room was almost empty. I snuggled down in the seat and prepared to be entertained. I became aware of somebody sitting next to me. “Do you mind?” she asked. I shook my head. “I feel so stupid coming here alone, I just had to make an effort”she said. “I’ve never done this before”.


  1. This, to me, was a feel good "story". I enjoyed it a lot.

  2. I can many people relating well to this!

  3. I remember my first time too. Beautifully done.

  4. Nicely done Heather! I've never gone to the movies alone, but I can imagine that it might feel very uncomfortable. Great job. Kathy

  5. Very nicely done - love that she was not the only one...

  6. Well done, Heather.
    so you found company? well done.
    I went to see my first 3D movie with my eldest...I think if I go alone , I would have less fun. LOL
    I felt like a kid with 3D.


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  7. When I was in college I often went to movies by myself, although way before the day of 3D. Nice post...Peace and blessings

  8. Cool story! It taps into the self-consciousness a lot of us feel at going to a movie alone. I've done it, but my wife swears she never will. LOL!

  9. This was really a neat take on this. I've never gone to the movies by myself, I'm sure I would feel that way with or without it being a 3D movie. Great job.

  10. Hi Heather! I liked this! I've never gone to a movie by myself, but I'm willing to give it a try someday! I'm just not a big movie-goer! Good job!!

  11. smart story,
    I could not take it instantly...
    Happy Sunday!
    Happy Monday ahead!


    Happy June awards,
    Happy Weekend!

  13. I loved this. It's funny, isn't it? How often we think we are the "only ones" to feel a certain way or to experience a certain thing and then we find out how really similar we all are as people!

    Thanks for linking.

    I really enjoy this style of story-telling.


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