Sunday, 30 October 2011

Decision made

OK – time to put the past few weeks to bed I think. I’ve decided to ride out whatever storms arise at work, thanks to this strange positivity that’s arrived over the past couple of weeks I now feel a lot more positive and optimistic about the future – just hope I can keep it up!

Moving on to other things of a more domestic nature. Matt seems to have settled in Brisbane, he’s been there for about a month now and has his ‘white card’ to enable him to work in the ‘construction’ industry, which seems to be a generic term for odd-jobbing here and there. Apparently there’s a large music festival in Brisbane in a couple of weeks and they need people to work on the site and stuff. We have a regular weekly phone call with him and he seems to really be enjoying himself – which is a huge relief after the first few days.

Yesterday, I had a select ladies who sew day, not intentionally select but only a few people could come – bad me took not a single photo! The reveal of the day was that Isabel has lovely hand sewing skills! She was rummaging through my purse frames and picked one with greeny coloured bobbles for the clasp, the challenge then was to find some fabric to go with it and here is her photo of her bounty!

Isabel purse

It’s the small purse from issue three of ‘Molly Makes’

I made another frame purse yesterday, I’ve decided to just make a few so I have some to hand for that impromptu last minute gift so set out several matching fabrics – they only take about a quarter yard of each fabric which helps to mitigate the cost of the frames!

Finally, here’s some of the bags I’ve made lately and haven’t got around to sharing yet…

Veronica 1

Veronica 3

Veronica 1 (4)



I’ve moved away from my safety net of plain lining for this one!

I’m off then, time for a quick shower before I phone Matt!


  1. love all those little purses, great idea for gifts.Keep going with the pma - i swear by it!

  2. Hmm - I rather like being described as "a select lady" hehehehe!! Sorry I couldn't stay longer - looks like Isabel kept you busy! I'm just glad I didn't bring my Norwegian purse frames with me - she'd have made a dozen purses if you'd had matching-kick-ass fabric ;)

  3. Love the purses, so pretty!


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